Some garments are not suitable for screen printing, or maybe you just don't want the look of screen printing on your garments.  That's where embroidery comes in.  Embroidery is a process that uses needles and thread to stitch out a design. The result is a very high end, high quality product.  This is very popular on garments such as caps, beanies, polos, etc. 

3D Puff

3D puff allows us to make your embroidered design pop off of a cap.  This process works well on structured caps with designs that are big and bold.


Digitizing is the process of turning your design into stitches. Many embroidery shops outsource their digitizing to other companies because of how intense the process is. At ML Screen Printing, we digitize in-house to ensure that every detail is dialed in perfectly, as well as being able to stitch your design to multiple different garment types without the need for outsourcing the digitizing over and over again.